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CardsOnGo is intuitive and powerful words memorization app with offline dictionaries.

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CardsOnGo let’s you virtualize your collection of words for memorization. Manage, learn, mix and reorder cards in a flash. Forget about all those card decks; keep all your vocabulary on your iPhone.

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Almost everyone is crossed with the ” too much information” problem when start learning a new language. This problem could become even stronger with time, when the mess of new words is piled in your mind.

There are many ways to solve it: reading, listening, using vocabularies (dictionaries) etc. One of the most popular ways is to make pasteboard cards with original word on the one side and it’s translation on another.

When using such a way, you usually spend a lot of time to prepare these pasteboard cards: find paper, cut off the cards, write the words etc. Then (wow!) you are ready to start learning, but suddenly you need to go out …

Well, you put the pile of crispy cards and go. Imaging, that you’ll continue the process, let’s say, in the train. Ok, dude, you’ve got your train and take a sit there. Now you have a quarter of hour… you take the pile of the cards off your pocket and is looking forward to start, but… light blow from the suddenly opened window breaks your precious pile into the pieces and most of them are now covers the floor. What a nuisance, isn’t it?… But you are a smart dude :) You are just smile around and… take your SmartPhone from the pocket, launch CardsOnGo and – get your words back on the screen :)

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