The Focus – Fastest way to memorize foreign words

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Not only fastest, but also relaxing way to learn new foreign words.


Just 10 words a day during a month is enough to speak and understand language you’re learning. Simple, and completely free.

No stress, no pressure. You learn words when and where you want. Just 10 a day, 20 a day, hundrrrred a day if you feel that it’s yours pace.

Idea behind – regular flash cards, where you write foreign word on one side and translation on another, but…

Focus App can pronounce words and phrases for you. At the moment, more than 20 languages are supported:
・English (several accents)
・Spanish (two accents)
・Several asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai
・All Scandinavian: Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian
and much more.

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